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International students

International students

Enrollment Requirement

Foreigners and overseas Chinese, interested in learning Mandarin and Guizhou Minority languages and culture, aged at 16 to 65 years, law and regulation-abiding, are welcome to apply to study in the Chinese Language Program of Guizhou Education University.

Application Procedure

The period of study ranges from one half year to one year. The spring semester begins on March 1, and the autumn semester begins on September 1. Applicants need to apply 2 months ahead of time.
2. Applicants can obtain a copy of the Application Form for Enrollment of International Students to Guizhou Education University by means of correspondence, E-mail or fax or phone call;
3. The Filled-out Form should be mailed, emailed or faxed to the International Office two months prior to the opening of school and the application fee can be sent through banks;
4. Apart from the application form, the rest of personal materials needed for application include:

Documents Required
1. Resume,
2. Application form
3. Health certification,
4. Letter of recommendation or an education certificate
5. Photocopy of their passport and visa

Upon receiving the above documents, the Office will mail the applicants or their agents the Letter of Acceptance and Visa Application Form for Foreign Students to China (JW202);

Tuition: 6000Yuan/term 

Students are expected to arrive at least a week before the new semester begins. The School of Chinese Language and Literature needs to arrange the courses for you.

Courses Arrangement:

Courses for Foreign Students


Elementary Courses

Supplementary Courses

Comprehensive Reading

Appreciation Course of Chinese Poetry

Basic Chinese Writing

Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

Chinese Reading & Handwriting

Chinese Music

Practical Oral Chinese

Tourism in China

Business Chinese

Chinese Culture

HSK Courses

Chinese Kung Fu

Social Practice

Chinese Cuisine

Course Descriptions:
1. Comprehensive Reading
This course is to read relatively short passage of Chinese literary works and news. The training focus is communication and difficult words and phrases often used in business to let foreign students form a basic Chinese text reading comprehension from word to sentence and article, in a progressive layer.

2. Basic Chinese Writing
This course teaches practical Chinese writing, such as leave requests, notice, letter, letters, etc. with the focus on training students to apply Chinese practical writing skills.

3. Chinese Reading & Handwriting
This course takes the strokes, meaning and culture of 3500 Chinese characters as teaching content to enable students to master the process of recognizing and reading Chinese characters in a series of morphemes. Let them understand the Chinese cultural content behind Chinese characters and master the rules of writing Chinese characters.

4. Practical Oral Chinese
This course is closely related to the actual oral communication. Dialogue and scene are used in the implementation of teaching, allowing students to practice conversation in a simulated scenario, familiarize the words and phrases commonly used in oral communication in Chinese and can freely use them in their communication activities.

5. Business Chinese
This course is closely related to the actual business communication. Dialogue and scene are used in the implementation of teaching, allowing students to practice in a simulated business scenario, familiarize the words and phrases commonly used in Chinese business communication and can freely use them in business communication activities.

6. HSK Courses
The course adopts the HSK examination papers to students for intensive training to help them pass the HSK, and in the process some commonly-used Chinese words and phrases will be understood and grasped.

7. Appreciation of Chinese Poetry
This course aims to enable foreign students to understand Chinese culture and Chinese poetry deeply. We select classical Chinese poetry and modern poetry as teaching content, to let students understand Chinese poetry in terms of the history and characteristics. Memorize some of the classic poetry to grasp the general method and ability of poetry appreciation.

8. Chinese Painting & Calligraphy
This course focuses on the history of Chinese painting and calligraphy, character and famous writers and uses the current aesthetic theory to appreciate famous masterpieces, which is designed to allow foreign students to learn more about painting and calligraphy of Chinese culture.

9. Chinese Music
This course takes traditional Chinese classical folk music appreciation as the focus, aiming to give students the emotional understanding of the characteristics in traditional Chinese folk music. At the same time, it will allow students to learn to sing some simple folk songs.

10. Tourism in China
This course focuses on the famous tourist attractions in China and offer related knowledge. In the process of learning, some of the Chinese sentence used in the travel process can be grasped.

11. Chinese Culture
This course introduces the characteristics of Chinese culture and history, according to regional classification, which is designed to enable students to understand Chinese cultural characteristics.

12. Chinese Kung Fu
This course teaches 24 pieces of traditional Chinese Tai Chi so that students understand the characteristics of Chinese martial arts in the process of practicing Tai Chi.

13. Chinese Cuisine
This course introduces Chinese dishes and related cultural knowledge and requires students to follow the Chinese chef to cook some Chinese food.

Contact Information
Address: 115 Gaoxin Road, Wudang District, Guiyang, Guizhou, P.R.China, 550018
Tel: 86-851-85815957 / 86205886
Fax: 86-851-85815957
Website: http://waishi.gznc.edu.cn/


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