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Department of Marxism and Leninism Instruction
November 9, 2015   审核人:

General Information

The Department is responsible for the ideological and political theory teaching. Now, the Marxism Education Department of Gui Zhou  Education University  has 20 staff members - 4 administrative members and 16 full time teachers, among whom 1 is a professor and 1 is an associate professor and 14 of whom have masters degrees. There are presently the following offices in the Marxism Education Department: Ideological and Moral and Legal Foundation Office; Mao Zedong Thought and Theories of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics of the System of Generality Office; The Marxist Principles. With the efforts of all the staff members, Marxism Education Department has formed an environment of "Unity, Seeking Truth, Innovation, Dedication" and under the leaders of the GZEU, the Department has achieved the public lessons' synchronization arrangements, teaching materials and examinations. In the reform of the teaching practice, all teachers continuously explore new methods and new ideas, improve teaching research, improve teaching methods and has promoted the reform of ideological and political theory and improved the quality of teaching.

Current Leaders:
Vice Dean: Wang Tianqiao

Contact Information

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