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School of Geography and Tourism
November 9, 2015   审核人:

General Information

The School possesses sufficient teaching resources, with 33 full-time staff members, and among them 11 teachers have senior academic titles, 19 teachers have achieved Masters degrees and 3 teachers who have a Doctorate degree. Now the school has two undergraduate disciplinary sections and three specialized disciplinary sections. The school has diversified laboratories with the physical geography laboratories composed of soil lab, plant lab, geology lab, GIS and remote sensing lab, meteorology lab, mapping and measuring lab and tourism training laboratories divided into guest room training lab, Chinese food training lab, western food training lab and tour conductor simulation lab. There are also exhibition rooms for national culture and geography and two institutes of resource environment and disaster, and regional tourism.

Geographic Science (undergraduate education)

Main courses: Introduction to the Earth globe, Basic Geology, Cartography, Meteorology and Climatology, Geographical Information System, An Introduction to Remote Sensing, Human Geography, Introduction to Environmental Science, Geonomics, China geography, Geography of the World.

Training objective: this major intends to cultivate the specialized talents with basic knowledge, basic theories and basic skills of geography, who can make contributions to geographical education and research and do the management and research job in some administrative public institutions such as national territory, environment protection and tourism departments and so on.

Tourism Management (undergraduate education)

Main courses: Principles of Management, Marketing, Economics, Tourism English, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Tourism Practice, Tourism Guiding Introduction, Psychology.

Training objectives: this major intends to cultivate senior management talents with a good command of the subject knowledge, skilled practical operation capacity, eloquent English expression ability and excellent communication and cooperation capability, with which they can do well in tourism administrative management department tourism companies.

Agricultural Resources and Environment (undergraduate education)

Main courses: Geology and Geomorphology, Agrology, Land Resource Science, Resources Sensing and Geographical Information Systems, Agricultural Meteorology and Climatology, Water and Soil Conservation, Linear Algebra and Probability Theory, Measuring and Drawing, Microbiology, Phytophysiology, Soil and Agrochemical Analysis, Water Resources Utilization and Management, Ecological Agriculture.

Training objective: this major aims at cultivating senior professional talents with basic theories, basic knowledge and solid practical skills of this subject, with which they can undertake the work of agricultural resource utilization and management and agricultural environment protection in the administrative departments and companies in the fields of national territory, agriculture, environment protection, food testing and monitoring.

Tourism Management (specialized education; entrusted training)

Main courses: tourist economics, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Policies and Regulations, Tourism Guiding Introduction, Tourist Guide’ s Practices, Hotel Lobby and Room.

Training objective: this major aims at cultivating high qualified applied talents with basic knowledge and skills of tourism management, with which they can do well in the operation management service in the hotels and tourism companies.

Entrusted enterprises introduction: Fuzhou Jinhui Group is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, which integrates estate development, infrastructure service and hotel development and management as a whole. The enterprise has twenty-odd wholly funded and holding companies with more than 1,000 employees.

Current Leaders:
Dean: Li Lejing
Deputy Secretary of Branch Party: Wu Yaping

Contact Information

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