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School of Economics and Political Science
November 9, 2015   审核人:

General Information

The School of Economics and Political Science treasures long history when the college was founded in the 1970s. It was originally the Department of Politics and History. In 1995, the School was founded during an era of dramatic globalization and the astonishingly rapid development of China. During the past decade, extensive reforms in public policy and management have been adopted around the world; governments have been eagerly improving their nations with a competitive spirit, and the Chinese government has endeavored to better its people's livelihood and construct a harmonious society. In order to meet the needs of the day, the college has chosen the promotion of social equity and justice as our mission and the creation of a meritocracy as the core values of the School of Economics and Political Science in 2005. The school integrates knowledge and academic strength from various disciplines among the social sciences, with a focus on empirical research and the implications of public policy, and pursues collaboration with the public sector, including governmental as well as academic exchange with various institutions. Thus, in the past thirty years, the school has responded actively to many social and public issues in China as well as to issues around the world, and gained strength through this process.

Over three decades, The School of Economics and Political Science has evolved into an important educational and R&D facility. Currently, it has gathered a group of excellent teaching and R&D talents who comprise a structured academic group with solid scientific research capability. The school has established a relatively complete discipline cluster covering major fields in Economics and Politics, forming a rather comprehensive hierarchy of courses. Currently, there are 26 full-time teachers at the school, including 3 professors, 12 associate professors, and 11 lecturers and assistants. Among the teachers, over 50% owned above masters degree.

The School has established a solid talent cultivation system that focuses on the development of comprehensive abilities, awarding Bachelors degrees. So far, the school has cultivated one the third politics teachers in Guizhou province.

Undergraduate Programs
There is 1 undergraduate program for full-time students in our school: ideological education. This program is for the students who will be middle school teachers, administrators, and ideological educators. The main courses of this program are Study of Constitution, Logic, Ethics, International Politics, Marxist Philosophy, Political Theories, Sociology, Theories and Methods of Ideological Education, Theories of Socialist Market Economy, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping's Theory, Introduction to Law, Aesthetics, Skills for Teaching of Political Courses of Middle School, and so on. In the near future, we will have more undergraduate programs.

Current Leaders:
Dean: Cheng Yanping

Secretary of Branch Party: Zhou Yongjie

Contact information:
Tel: 86-851-85817286

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