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School of History and Social Science
November 9, 2015   审核人:

General Information

The School of History and Social Science is out of the History Department of the Gui Zhou  Education University . It has trained and brought up many qualified historical teachers and researchers during the past decades. There are numbers of excellent teachers in the Faculty. Among the 27 full-time teachers there are 3 professors, 9 associate professors, and 9 lecturers. And among the professors there are 6 who have obtained a doctoral degree. In the recent five years, these prominent professors or specialists have achieved great successes in the respective majors. Over 9 of their research works were published by the famous publishing houses in China and the teachers of the Faculty published many influential research papers in the most important journals in China. In addition, the teachers of the Faculty presided or are presiding over 5 important research programs which are of state level or province level.

Two teaching programs are offered in the Faculty, the respective majors of which are Ancient Chinese History, Modern Chinese History, World History, and Pedagogues for Middle School History Teaching. Furthermore, there are some related branches in the Faculty such as the library and the museum. Every year the Faculty admits full-time students as undergraduates of history.

Undergraduate Program: History
Required Subjects:
An Introduction to History, Approaches to Historiography, Ancient Chinese History, Modern Chinese History I, Modern Chinese History II, Contemporary Chinese History, Ancient and Medieval World History, Modern World History I, Modern World History II, Contemporary World History

Optional Subjects:
Outline of Chinese Historiography, Outline of World Historiography, Archeology, Paleography, History of Ancient Greece, British History, American History, French History, East Asian History, History of Chinese Family and Society, History of Chinese Foreign Relations, History of World Religions, Political History of the Six Dynasties, Political History of Sui and Tang Dynasties, Economical History of Song and Yuan Dynasty, Economical History of Ming and Qing Dynasties, History of Confucian Studies, History of Cultural Revolution

Current Leaders:
Dean: Shen Manxiu
Secretary of Branch Party: Du Jingming

Contact Information:
Tel : 86-851-85813322

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