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School of Chinese Language and Literature
November 9, 2015   审核人:

General Information

The School of Chinese literature was originally established in 1978 when the Guizhou Education University (1978-2009) set up school for cultivating adult talents for education. It was one of the first departments since the establishment of the college. It is a cradle for the cultivation of high-level Chinese language professionals in Guizhou Province.

The College now accommodates 47 faculty members with 8 professors and 12 associate professors, of whom some have become renowned experts and scholars in the country. Many hold leading posts at the province-/ministry-level or in the governmental departments at the prefecture and province level. All of them have become the backbone of economic and social development in Guizhou. With noble virtues and talented writing skills, they have been making great contributions to the disciplines, to academics, and to the development of culture and the nation through their convictions to humanities and academics.

The College has a well-structured academic curriculum and management system. It also has well-equipped teaching and research facilities, including listening laboratories, audio-visual classrooms, resource rooms as well as multimedia equipments in all the classrooms, which have all helped to continuously improve our teaching quality and earned reputation for the College in the field.

The school offers 2 undergraduate programs, namely the Chinese Language and Literature and Journalism and Communications and one professional training program of Chinese Language Education.

"Chinese Language and Literature" offers the following main compulsory courses: literary theory, aesthetics, Chinese classical literature, modern Chinese literature, Chinese contemporary literature, foreign literature, Linguistics, Ancient Chinese, Modern Chinese, writing and etc; language curriculum and teaching theory, teachers basic skills (calligraphy, Mandarin), modern educational technology (computer applications) and other professional skills courses; English, sports, education, psychology and other 10 optional courses.

The program of Journalism and Communications offers the following main courses: study of ancient literature, contemporary literature reading, writing, aesthetics principles, principles of public relations, audio-visual language, Journalism Studies, Communication Studies, News Editor, Broadcasting TV Studies, TV camera Chinese and foreign history of radio and television, radio, recording and editing, advertising and Introduction.

Current Leaders:
Dean: Wu Jun
Secretary of Branch Party: Wei Dan

Contact Information

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